We are a recognized 501(C)(3) charitable organization, so your gift may be tax deductible. Please consult with your tax professional.

Give AT CHURCH:  We encourage giving by check or cash during the offertory at our Sunday morning service.

Give BY MAIL:  Utilize your own bank's payment system or mail checks addressed as follows:  

Spring Valley Presbyterian Church
Attn. Treasurer
903 E. Nerge Road
Roselle, IL 60172

Give ONLINE: Make a one-time or recurring gift by credit card by utilizing the blue give button below.

Processing fees are incurred for using either of these options.

Credit Card donations: 3% + $0.30 ($3.30 per $100)
AMEX or international credit cards: 4.1% + $0.30 ($4.40 per $100)

You will be provided with the option to cover these fees with your gift.

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OTHER Giving Options: If you are interested in donating stocks, mutual funds, other investments or nonfinancial items, please coordinate these through our Treasurer, Tim Mather, at